The Infostormer Episode 2: Kiked Domains, Rigged Elections and Mass Carnage Events

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2017

The Jews are sorely mistaken if they think they can stop the spread of global kitten supremacy!

In the second episode of the Infostormer podcast I analyze several major news stories. The big topics covered are as follows.

  • Another Daily Stormer domain name gets kiked.
  • Donna Brazile admitting that the DNC rigged the Democrat nomination for Hillary Clinton.
  • Fallout of the White Lives Matter march and the debate over branding, optics and the marketing of nationalism.
  • Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush bashing Donald Trump.
  • Islamic truck terrorism striking New York City.
  • Texas church shooting.
  • Another week of half empty NFL stadiums.


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