A Few Broken Eggs: African Migrant Gives French Women AIDS on Purpose lol

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 14, 2017

You see, whites don’t have any culture at all.

People such as niggers who have cultures have a dynamic culture. Which includes giving women AIDS on purpose LOL.

Le Parisien:

A 42-year-old man appeared in court this Monday for having voluntarily transmitted HIV. Three of his victims filed a complaint with the police.

He told them love wasn’t made without confidence. Sometimes he also pretended to put a condom on but left it on the bedside table at the last moment. And when his partners became too suspicious, he even showed them a fake document proving that he wasn’t sick … Sekou Camara, a 42 -year-old man from the Ivory Coast, is appearing for judgement at the Assise Court of Deux-SΓ¨vres from this Monday on for having voluntarily transmitted HIV to three women – ex-girlfriends or conquests for a night – when he knew he was carrying the virus. Criminal conduct punishable by up to 15 years in prison going as far back, for some of them, as 2003.

The man, who is now living in Niort, is an unrepentant seducer, already the father of four children whom he has left behind, in Ivory Coast or the Paris region. It was at this same time – his last-born is HIV positive himself – that he learned he had HIV.

Ashamed of having been deceived, frightened of not being believed, his first victims remained silent. But in 2009, a criminal complaint was filed. The case will show that, in total, seven women were infected through contact with him, a last being miraculously spared.

Fist bump, brah.

I also believe that French whores who fuck niggers deserve AIDS.

Except… not really though.

Saying that “women deserve” anything is assuming that they have agency and are something other than dumb animals who function on an extremely primitive stimulus-response mechanism.

They will fuck niggers or not fuck niggers based on what pressures are being put on them. They would be fucking dogs if the correct stimulus was introduced to them – that is how low women are.

The solution is to control the environment, to control what input they have. But to do that you need power. And that is why our women are running all over us: the kikes have the power.

Translation via Diversity Macht Frei.

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